The grammar checker I would like to have had.

abcCorrector allows you to detect up to 5 times as many errors as your existing editor.

Join abcCorrector your free grammar checker

Improves correction

abcCorrector detects over 400 types of errors, most of which cannot be detected by Microsoft Word®.

The solution for Spanish students.

abcCorrector is able to correct the subjunctive mood.

The subjunctive mood is one of the most problematic areas for Spanish students. abcCorrector not only detects the error, it provides alternatives too.

Agreement between subject and verb.

The agreement between subject and verb is one of the top three most common errors when writing in Spanish.

Never stops learning

abcCorrector offers a channel through which you can suggest corrections that are not currently listed.

Accentual difference.

When words sound the same but have different meanings.
This is one of the most common errors, as users tend to get confused by the words sounding the same.

More content.

The base dictionary contains over 120,000 terms, including toponymy, augmentatives, diminutives, superlatives, adjectivization, etc. The verbs dictionary contains over 7,700 infinitives, along with their simple and reflexive forms.
acelerado / acelerada
acelerador / aceleradora
aceleradísimo / aceleradísima

Detects errors that Word can’t detect.

abcCorrector can detect errors that are unseen by popular word processors and other grammar checkers.
Tampoco nos les des por perdidos.
Cualquier que pueda leerlo, lo entenderá.
¿Cómo vamos arreglarnos?
Suponiendo que regresará ahora mismo.

Accentual difference.

It includes an analysis tool which shows which terms would be different if they had an accent, helping to avoiding errors such as:
"El aire que respira"
"El aíre que respira"
which grammar checkers can not detect.

aire (sust. masc. sing.)
aíre (verbo conjugado -airar-)

PC, Laptop and Tablet.

abcCorrector for MS Word.

Compatible with Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 y 365
Windows 7, 8 y 10
The best Spanish grammar checker available anywhere, and fully integrated into Microsoft Word (Windows).
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Web Editor.

Any device

The freedom of being able to access abcCorrector from any device or operating system. Just write, and abcCorrector will ensure your text is completely error-free.

abcCorrector: a tool for students, writers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and anyone keen on improving their writing skills each and every day.

Regardless of your level of Spanish, abcCorrector ensures your texts are error-free.
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