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Spanish grammar checker for Spanish students

The solution for Spanish students.

abcCorrector is able to correct the subjunctive mood.

The subjunctive mood is one of the most problematic areas for Spanish students. abcCorrector not only detects the error, it provides alternatives too.

Spanish grammar checker for translators

An essential tool for translators.

When our time is valuable.

Productivity and efficiency at work, can only be achieved when you have the best tools. Let abcCorrector help you in your work.

The Spanish grammar checker for writers

When the error is not an option

It makes it easier to write every day better.

You just have to visit the web to see that the error is human. If you are a writer, blogger or simply you care how you write.

Your grammar checker correct it?

Examples of Spanish correction

abcCorrector allows you to detect up to 4 times as many errors as your existing editor.

abcCorrector is the result of the partnership of a group of linguists and IT technicians working together with the shared goal of developing the best possible Spanish grammar and spell-checker.
abcCorrector is borne from the experience of over 25 years in the development of grammar checkers. Thanks to user feedback and the study of the requirements of different groups (Spanish students, writers, journalists, bloggers, etc.), we saw the need to rethink the way a language as rich as Spanish is corrected.

Esta medida evitaría que las personas viajen a ese país.

the best grammar checker of Spanish

Mac, PC, Laptop and Tablet

The freedom of being able to access abcCorrector from any device or operating system. Just write, and abcCorrector will ensure your text is completely error-free.

abcCorrector to Word (Windows).

It works seamlessly as a native extension within Office and takes advantage of Microsoft’s latest functions.

With direct access to all the features of abcCorrector in its own dedicated tab, it offers a range of tools to make composing and reviewing your document as simple as possible.

Compatible with Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
Windows 7, 8 and 10

More resources

The dictionary contains over 120,000 terms

More content

The base dictionary contains over 120,000 terms, including toponymy, augmentatives, diminutives, superlatives, adjectivization, etc. The verbs dictionary contains over 7,700 infinitives, along with their simple and reflexive forms.

Thematic dictionaries

It incorporates dictionaries from different areas, allowing you to select the ones that best suits your needs. Law, medicine, computer, toponymy, etc.

Accentual difference

Accentual difference

It includes an analysis tool which shows which terms would be different if they had an accent, helping to avoiding errors such as:

Pronoun and verb varias - varías
Name and verb máscara – mascara
Adjective and verb líquido – liquido

¿Te gusto? o ¿Te gustó?
Él amplió camino o El amplio camino

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